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Date: 01/03/02 16:20
Atlas U33C
Author: SLR62

A little while ago I won a bid and got a beautiful D&H/Guilford U33C off of Ebay. The problem is.. the guy lost the handrails and accessories. Does Atlas still make them? This product is long out of production last I knew.


1)Can I put a DCC decoder in it?
2)What is the deal with the coupler box? There is a hornhook in there, held in by a long plastic rod so to speak. I don't remember these on my other Atlas engines (packed). I will use Kadee..

Thanks as always guys...

Date: 01/03/02 19:05
RE: Atlas U33C
Author: airbrake

I am pretty sure you can still get the hand rails. A decoder will fit in the Locomotive - NCE's are probably your best fit. There were some problems with the early decoder boards in the U33's. Contact Atlas below to find out about the board. You can look and see if the hand rails are still available by going to the parts area of there web site.


Date: 01/03/02 19:33
Coupler Box
Author: jwchenard

The couplers are a bit of a carve-to-fit deal. By exactoing out the hole in the pilot a bit, you can get a #5 box in. The plastic peg works fine to hold the KD box.

Date: 01/04/02 05:32
RE: Coupler Box
Author: piggyback5

To install the KD's, put the box together,cut off the loops,then file the box down til it slides in.
None of my U-33's,36's came with any grab irons. Does anyone supply these? I was wondering if you could order replacement irons for the C30-7 and use these on the U-boats? Good luck with the 650, Eric

Date: 01/04/02 14:39
RE: Atlas U33C
Author: SLR62

Thanks guys.. does this sound right?


Body Detail Set
HO Scale Spare Parts

Item #: 850215

Price: $ 1.25

Also, does that peg just pull out for the coupler, I have not tried it.. thanks as always.!
- Rob

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