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Date: 03/24/02 21:11
Athearn Repower w/ PPW Can Motor - Experiences
Author: Chessie-Fan-2

I just purchased and have yet to install a Proto Power West can motor upgrade for an Athearn GP-38 unit that I have. I unfortunately did not order the Universal Kit that PPW sells for this type of upgrade. (Hence why I haven't installed the motor yet.) I started hitting my local brick and mortar hobby shops in search of said kit. The first hobby shop I stopped at and inquired about the kit, I was met with a very abrupt "We don't carry that. We don't like to stock any of Proto Power West's items as they are faulty and have very poor customer service." The next hobby shop I tried did not have the kit in stock, but was willing to order it. But they made no such negative comment towards PPW. So can anyone confirm problems they've had with PPW and if so what were they? Likewise, if anyone has had good experience with their products, I'd be interested to hear them as well.

Thanks in advance!

Date: 03/24/02 22:27
RE: Athearn Repower w/ PPW Can Motor - Experiences
Author: Yardmaster

I have never had a problem with PPW re-power kits. Simple to install and the performance has been outstanding. The hobbu shop says they are faulty? maybe the customer that installed them used one of those adhesives that the fumes ate away the armature bonding. It happened to me when I did my first.

They run much quieter than stock Athearn, of course many other motors do also, but I'll stick with PPW for now.


Date: 03/25/02 00:00
ProtoPower is Great stuff!
Author: tracktime

I've never had any problems with any of the protopower stuff that I've bought ever.. Good solid products, and very useful when upgrading those old athearns with the older motors!

They also have a great line of detail parts and intermodal goodies(A-Line) in HO as well.

Their website is at: http://www.ppw-aline.com/

No, I don't own or have a business interest with PPW/A-Line.. Just a happy customer!


Date: 03/25/02 01:32
RE: ProtoPower is Great stuff!
Author: cnerr

I have to agree with Harry on this one. I have a few PPW repowered Athearn units and I would rate them with my Atlas units. VERY reliable product, VERY smooth running, GREAT pulling power. I love mine. I'll definatelly buy more when the time comes to upgrade some more power.

Date: 03/25/02 07:30
RE: ProtoPower is Great stuff!
Author: starlight

I've also repowered a few Athearn locomotives with PPW kits, and am very happy with them. Just make sure your gearboxes are nice and clean.


Date: 03/25/02 07:49
RE: ProtoPower is Great stuff!
Author: atsfcf7

ProtoPower West products are awsome; I think you ran into a dealer who was unclear of the concept.

I use RTV silicon gel to set the motor; I have an engine that I re-engined twenty years ago (Athearn FP-45) and it is still running great. I have several CF-7's (of course) that are PPW powered that are my favorites.

PPW motors are quiet, powerful and smooth. Contact me via email (hobby@tca.net)if you are interested in any PPW products, I still have some in my inventory, and I can get them through my primary distributor.

jeff cermin

Date: 03/26/02 09:58
RE: ProtoPower is Great stuff!
Author: AmericanLines

Has anyone used regular silcon bathtub chalk to set the motors in place?

Mike H

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