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Date: 07/14/02 10:33
Model Train Layout Builders
Author: JimHardman

I know for a fact that I have seen advertisements in the past in some of the Model Railroad publications of people who have businesses that will build a model railroad for customers and then set it up. Lately, I have not seen any references for such efforts in the model railroad publications.

I am now approaching age 70 and even though I am very agile, in excelent health, there are things that physically are challenging and I do wish to dismantle my current layout and begin a new one of which I already have a plan. Does anyone know of individuals or companies who do the design and construction of model railroad layouts? My search in the Model Railroader and Classic Toy Trains publications has revealed nothing.

Your input would be most appreciated. Thanks


Date: 07/14/02 11:36
Re: Model Train Layout Builders
Author: trainman502

Try the NMRA website NMRA.ORG they will
list what you are looking for
Good luck

Date: 07/14/02 12:05
Re: Model Train Layout Builders
Author: shortliner

There is a guy called Lance Mindheim who does custom RR building, but I don\'t have his address to hand. Have you tried a search on Google?

Date: 07/14/02 16:40
Re: Model Train Layout Builders
Author: fmilhaupt

A few who come to mind are:

* RailDreams - http://www.raildreams.com

* Don Cardiff - http://www.dctrains.com

* Progressive Model Design - http://www.progressivemodeldesign.com

I haven\'t used their services personally, but I\'ve seen their results. Very nice.


Date: 07/15/02 05:58
Re: Model Train Layout Builders
Author: clinchvalley

Jim - I do not know where you live, but have you checked around for other model railroaders? It is possible there are some near by that would enjoy helping build a new layout. A regular weekly work session is a great way to get a lot done in a short period of time. And a great, great way to make some new friends.

Just a thought as the custom route can be very expensive.

Date: 07/15/02 07:31
Re: Model Train Layout Builders
Author: spiker05

Check this website: http://www.rslayouts.com/

Date: 07/15/02 10:36
Look before you leap
Author: wabash2800

You\'re probably ok with the well know builders but otherwise ask to see their work before you commit. You don\'t want to get someone who is more talk than work or won\'t get the job done. I have a friend that hired someone and never got his layout completed.

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