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Model Railroading > A bit dusty!

Date: 12/02/18 20:48
A bit dusty!
Author: funnelfan

A project I did last year, but never took a decent photo of. Montana Talc had a plant at Sappington, MT and had both boxcars and hoppers painted for their company. The Atlas PD hopper was a spot on match for the car, and Islington Station made the decals. I have a slide of a Montana Talc 60' Greenville Double door boxcar on the way, but I will need to make my own decals in that case.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 12/03/18 16:52
Re: A bit dusty!
Author: dgraves

Was this the plant that was MRL's biggest customer?

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