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Date: 01/03/19 11:53
Thursday's Travelers
Author: santafedan

We all have our "little people" around the layout.  Let's look at our travelers.  I imagine they all have a story to tell.  Some are going to be leaving some one behind.  Some are going to visit family.  Some are going on vacation.

We will see more of  what they are doing next week. 

Date: 01/03/19 13:41
Re: Thursday's Travelers
Author: wjpyper

Lots of figures populate my Mendacity Canyon O-gauge layout.
1. Patrons entering the bank and dog watering the hydrant.
2. Customers at Eric's Drive-in.
3. Customers at Ringo's Saloon and Pool Hall.
Bill Pyper
Salem, Oregon

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Date: 01/03/19 16:49
Re: Thursday's Travelers
Author: BostonMaine

Every person has stories. 

Date: 01/03/19 19:44
Re: Thursday's Travelers
Author: AZSP

Is that a Karmen Gaia in photo 1?

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Date: 01/03/19 20:53
Re: Thursday's Travelers
Author: UP3806

Yes, a Karmann Ghia. Looks like a green Tucker in the last picture.


Date: 01/03/19 22:13
Re: Thursday's Travelers
Author: ATSFSuperChief

Like the 57 Mercury Convertible in bank pic.

Don Allender

Date: 01/12/19 17:59
Re: Thursday's Travelers
Author: tq-07fan

Looks like the woman in the yellow moo-moo is a regular customer at Eric's Really Big Boy.


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