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Date: 01/05/19 14:53
Sherman Hill does the Frontier Mall
Author: Bob3985

Today the Sherman Hill Model Railroad Club began moving our support equipment into our new space in the Frontier Mall. I am sure Dave will post some photos he took on our Facebook page. I will get a few more tomorrow and post them on here. Our new space does not have quite the room that we had before so we will be redesigning the module configurations some to fit most in. And it will be a different layout configuration so operations will be somewhat changed as well.
More to come, News at 11.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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Date: 01/06/19 07:46
Re: Sherman Hill does the Frontier Mall
Author: DRGWK59

I am the "Dave" mentioned above.  Some issues with my camera resulted in some completely unuseable photos on Saturday, so I am switching back to the iphone 6!  Much better reseults IISSMS!  I do have a few pictures from yesterday that I am salvaging, so all is not lost!  It may be time to replace said camera!  I am also considering up-grading the iphone 6 to an iphone 8+.  My kid has one and it's his ONLY camera!

David Ketchum
Cheyenne WY

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Date: 01/06/19 20:21
Re: Sherman Hill does the Frontier Mall
Author: Bob3985

The first photo is our new store front at the mall.
The next two photos are inside hanging the pictures on the walls before we begin bringing in modules for setup.
All the supplies are now stored away.
We also hung the display tv screen for our video programs.
More work this week to prep the space and then we start woith modules this next weekend.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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