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Model Railroading > Broadway Limited ES44AC ???

Date: 01/06/19 10:04
Broadway Limited ES44AC ???
Author: BNSF3888

I have a HO Scale Broadway Limited ES44AC that I have a couple of operational questions. It has front and rear ditch lights. In forward they operate without issues. In reverse I can not get them to turn on. Do they turn on? and or flash when the horn is blown in reverse? The front ditch lights won't turn off at all. While the engine is moving in reverse the front ones stay on.

Look forward to receiving some advice on these issues..



Date: 01/06/19 11:14
Re: Broadway Limited ES44AC ???
Author: fbe

What does the instructions say? Does BLI have anything posted on ewe tube?

Date: 01/06/19 11:59
Re: Broadway Limited ES44AC ???
Author: BNSF3888

The instructions say very little about how the ditch lights function. They should toggle off-on with F-7. they do not. Even in JMRI Decoder Pro the light sheet is very scant. For a $260.00 engine I expected more. I will be calling BL tomorrow for technical support. I thought I would try this forum first and hear from other owners. I hope I do.


Date: 01/06/19 13:16
Re: Broadway Limited ES44AC ???
Author: mahnud

Try F24 for ditch light function?  That is where it is on the locomotive I have.  Smoke is at F7 on mine.If F24 works, you might try the Paragon 3 Diesel Technical Reference Manual for details of the functions.

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