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Date: 01/09/19 04:40
PTC on my model railroad
Author: BlackWidow

New Jersey Transit missed the PTC deadline at the end of 2018.  Many of their locomotives were not outfitted with PTC, but their cab cars were.  I read that they were actually putting cab cars in front of the locomotives so they would be in compliance.  The video belows show my replication of that kind of consist.  NJT is actually running consists similar to this now in some places.

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Date: 01/09/19 18:42
Re: PTC on my model railroad
Author: atsf121

Is sure looks funny, but it works! That was a nice looking train, is that last car the new Atlas bi-level?

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Date: 01/09/19 23:16
Re: PTC on my model railroad
Author: Bucyrus-Erie

That's actually a pretty cool looking train you're running.


Date: 01/10/19 05:32
Re: PTC on my model railroad
Author: BlackWidow

Yes, the last car is the new Atlas bi-level.  It is a cab car.  The engine is also Atlas.  The other cars are Walthers from many years ago,  I think they are out of production now.

Date: 01/10/19 08:07
Re: PTC on my model railroad
Author: bioyans

For a more accurate consist, swap out the two cab cars. I pass NJT trains several times per day, and VERY rarely see single level and multi-level cars mixed together in service. Since the single "PTC" car isn't open to passenger use, it would be much more plausible to see that car as a multi-level, with a solid string of single level cars in the revenue section.

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Date: 01/10/19 09:50
Re: PTC on my model railroad
Author: BlackWidow

Thanks for the advice!  I had been wondering if they used that leading cab car for regular passenger transport.

I saw in the Trains Magazine news articles that NJT has leased all the remaining SEPTA AEM7s for 6 months to help out with this as well,

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