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Date: 02/03/19 09:19
Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: forster

Hello everyone!
I wish to say danke schön to all who were involved in this amazing project!
I just got my modernized ML4000 9120 model last week, and that is the most beautiful H0 model I ever had in my hands!
That thing is every penny worth it! In the beginning I was a little unsure about the price, but after I first say it personally, I regretted at the very same moment not buying the 9010 as well. So I ran to the Brasstrains homepage, but they were all gone already. Anyway...

I was wondering why I still haven’t seen any thread here on TO about the UTI model. So here is my contribution.

I was very proud of my OMI 9007, but after comparing both of them, sorry but the UTI model made the OMI look like Athearn blue box J  Sorry for that, but I hat to say it anyway J
So here are some of the photograph I made and some comparison photographs between the two models as well.
I am still a glad owner of the OMI 9007, but the UTI model…
My friends can`t stand me talking about it anymore J
So here they are!
Thank you very very much for making it happen! I don’t know all of you involved on that project, so I will not mention any names in here, in order not to be unfair to the others I don`t know.
Thank you from ALL the researcher, to the CAD designers, till the ones on the desks soldering and painting them for us!
The thing is a dream!

CF Forster

Date: 02/03/19 09:23
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: forster

I still have to replace the coupler.

Date: 02/03/19 09:26
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: forster

Some more

Date: 02/03/19 09:32
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: forster

The level of detail is absurd. Look at those european diamont plates and the pattern on the extra weight bar added to the front of the engine on photo 3.  

Date: 02/03/19 09:33
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: PasadenaSub

Nice models and a great photo comparison! 

The biggest difference to me is the rear end.  Interesting that OMI chose to put a lot of rivets and blanked out number boards and the 9120 is just bare back there - apart from the door and rear headlight.

Thanks for sharing these,


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Date: 02/03/19 09:46
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: MojaveBill

Beaqutiful model!

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 02/03/19 09:47
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: forster

Thank you!
The OMI model represents the early version of the ML4000 when they were suppost to get all the grab irons and number boards. SP changed that order after deciding to abandone the rear end devices and the UTI model reprasents that later version. Also the many differences between both versions like hand brake, smaller windows, water tanks etc are there on the UTI model as well, showing the effort of keeping that odd ball in the US.
But the 9010 gentlemen already wrote tons of precise information on that. I would only poorly repeat their texts in here if I write more... :-) 
But the tentation is way too big not to do so  :-)



Date: 02/03/19 09:54
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: Hartington

I was very, very tempted by this offer.   I've been following the restoration of 9010 on faceb... and I'm hoping to visit Niles Canyon again the July after the NMRA convention in Salt Lake City.

Date: 02/03/19 11:28
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: dmaffei

The attention to Detail by Bob Zenk and the passion for top notch models by Chuck and Ed from Union Terminal shows in these models. Hope to see BZ in Portland next weekend if the weather at Siskiyou summit is tame enough. Thanks for posting the images.


Date: 02/03/19 17:43
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: needles_sub

Comparing the two models is like comparing a 1950 Chevy to a 2019 Chevy. Models evolve. To compare them and berate the earlier model is childish.

Date: 02/03/19 17:51
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: RRBaron

I feel your paine. Best get rid of that OMI eyesore ASAP. Let me help! What would it take for me to get rid of it for you? PM me!

Date: 02/03/19 19:24
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: Bob3985

Cong.rats on the awesome models

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 02/04/19 08:52
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: forster

Date: 02/03/19 17:43
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: needles_sub Comparing the two models is like comparing a 1950 Chevy to a 2019 Chevy. Models evolve. To compare them and berate the earlier model is childish.

You are right needles_sub, the 22 years difference between the two models is quite a long time. And the technological advances here are very considerable.
The UTI Model for sure took some advantage of the state of the art we have on the industry now.
The Overland model is a wonderful one, and I am really happy of being able to get one. But I am talking about the differences that back in 1997 when the OMI model was made, were still possible to be accomplished.
Here are some that were quite possible, technologically speaking:
  • The fine inscriptions around the locomotive, like “water fill” “oil drain” and all of that.
  • The exhaust stacks, closed on the OMI models
  • The unpainted aluminum handles on the doors, on the OMI they were just painted like the rest of the locomotive.
  • The painted MU and brake hoses in gray
  • They grey painted aluminum plates on the side sills
  • Cab interior with the wrong floor plate
  • Cab interior painted in light grey and not green
  • Dimensions of the rear window above the cab doors
I could keep on…
But you are right, back there we were happy with much lower detail level and is not possible to compare the units.
Still I think that the UTI model had this quality leap, due to the intensive work that has been done during the last 10 years on the 9010.
The level of attention to detail and passion involved in that project is very well reflected on the UTI model.
Not only the model is so complex, everything involved with that is so highly detailed.
Take a look on the book that Mr Zenk wrote about the KMs. That book carries the same level of attention and detail you can find on the UTI model. Is an amazing source of information, that is extremely hard to get.
For sure the information sources back in the nineties were far from what we are used to today. But what I am saying here is that if those guys were dealing with the “KM fan stuff” back there, the quality of the OMI model would have shown some difference to what it is.
And yes, I am childish about those locomotives, I feel like a 10 years old kid in front them. And it is an amazing feeling.

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Date: 02/05/19 05:50
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: navarch2

To me, the thing that stands out most is the difference in the physical size of the Division Point, VS Overland model. Picture 8 shows this...the Overland looks much smaller?  (..or is ot a picture peoblem? ) 
The Division Point model is beautifuly done .....tremendous attention to even smaller details.  If they ever make a set of Santa Fe or D&H PA's - I'm doomed...thank you for posting the pictures.

Date: 02/05/19 06:36
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: SPDRGWfan

navarch2 Wrote:
> To me, the thing that stands out most is the
> difference in the physical size of the Division
> Point, VS Overland model. Picture 8 shows
> this...the Overland looks much smaller?  (..or is
> ot a picture problem? ) 

I notice the apparent size difference too.  Could one of them been off by that much?

IIRC, these could set you back nearly a couple G's.

Date: 02/05/19 09:34
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: ChrisCampi

The UTI version is truly spectacular and is the most amazing model I've yet to see in HO. Having spent a little time around the 9010 I can tell you that the locomotive is massive. No doubt in my mind the Bob, UTI and that Niles Canyon group got it just right.

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Date: 02/05/19 09:56
Re: Amazing H0 Krauss Maffei Model
Author: dmaffei

Bob Zenk (BZ) asked me to pass on more info after hearing about this thread from several of us.
Dave Maffei...
Forwarded message:Greetings to my TO pals! BZ here, responding courtesy of Mr. Maffei to Fillipe Forster’s great posts on the Union Terminal Imports ML 4000 C’C’ Series Unit models in HO. (Word count warning: nostalgia time for anybody who remembers the usual length of my TO musings!)
I should mention that I’ve been away from TO without really announcing any specific departure, since I wasn’t sure that’s what was happening! So I’ll use Mr. Maffei’s kind offer to fill in a few blanks, for those who haven’t been following the UTI KM threads on other forums.

These limited run SP 9010 models were planned some years ago, based on the volume of material and data gathered by the Pacific Locomotive Association’s volunteer restoration team; since 2008 this group has been working to bring to life the sole surviving USA Krauss-Maffei Diesel-Hydraulic. (Search SP 9010 here on TO for a catch-up.)
Thanks to the generosity and faith of UTI principals Chuck Sted and Ed Kurzenski, I was invited to become the R&D department for the KM models in HO, done by UTI’s maker of choice, Boo Rim Precision of Seoul, South Korea. Models like these are extremely limited and built to pre-order; the success of UTI’s Alco PA program inspired BRP’s principal, Se Ho Jang, to have the confidence to tackle such a small run of models as complex and out-of-the-ordinary as these KMs. (There are only 67 copies of SP 9010, fewer still of the other three Series Unit detail variations.)

Rather than doing an information and photo dump, requiring Boo Rim’s designers to poke through hundreds of photos and drawings (Se Ho himself is a designer), I tried to show them some mercy, and prepared documents that organized all this new KM material into clear, model-related subassembly groups. There were 12 PDF documents similar to the one in Photo 1, and the total number of pages even shocks me — and no one who knows me or knows my tendencies would doubt that there would be a lot of material!

There were 665 individual pages of data, notes, and photos, all indexed and organized, shared over the course of two years' active work on the project, five since inception.

Fillipe has pointed out some of the improvements from the Overland versions that went before. Some of these improvements are indeed because model technology has improved; others are, as Fillipe points out, things that were possible back then but were either overlooked or not chosen.

In defense of those earlier models, there was only one prototype KM available to Overland’s data providers for physical research — and that was a drastically-modified SP 9010, turned into a rolling camera platform for SP’s Locomotive Simulator. As a result, the OMI models copied some features directly from “SP 8799” (the Simulator Camera Car’s number) but without the knowledge that they were one-off details unique to SP 8799, or were not applied equally to all fifteen Series Units.

We know more now. And there’s a lot of information on SP 9010’s website for those who want to delve into the minutia; this is already getting long enough!

The UTI models have benefitted from much information that had been left unseen for 50 or more years, filed away in various collections until 2008 when the word went out that a KM was still alive! SP 9010’s crew worked with some of the original KM technicians to answer technical questions on the models. An example: the supplementary oil coolers on the top of Fillipe’s SP 9120 were absolutely and completely undocumented and unknown for exact function or configuration, appearing only as vague shadows in photographs, until a week’s worth of sleuthing determined that they were EMD air compressor cooling coils; many new photos provided the routing of some of the piping, SP 9010 provided the missing location of plugs and brackets, and informed speculation allowed those pipes and lines to be connected in a manner consistent with SP’s and KM’s engineering practices and actual functioning of the parts. 

This is a small detail on a limited run model, but received as much attention as if it had been a restoration item on the SP 9010 list! (It wasn’t a part of the 9010 models or the full-size restoration because it was added in 1966-67 to only five of the fifteen KM units, and SP 9010 is being restored to 1964 configuration. The coolers, by the way, were an expedient solution to overheating constant-speed air compressor fluid couplings; that information only came from correspondence with our surviving German KM friends who lived in Roseville and tended to these beasts on the Company’s behalf throughout the 1960s.)

Boo Rim and Se Ho Jang took this wealth of information to even higher levels. There is piping under the frame for the M.U. air lines, the European two-bar tread pattern is not only accurate, each panel’s pattern aligns slightly differently; rather than creating a large piece of artwork for a general pattern grid and then simply adding separation lines, each panel is oriented as if it had been cut separately from a sheet of tread, just as the prototypes were — the joints are a near match, but not exact, just as you’d see walking the treads of SP 9010 today.

And so on. And so on. The support from Ed and Chuck was sterling, to make sure these models reached the same kind of quality and detail that’s gone into the SP 9010 restoration, and the communication between factory, UTI, and R&D Department was open, constant, and as speedy as the internet. Se Ho & crew went above and beyond to surpass even our best expectations. It’s a lot of hoopla for a few models that will only circulate among a lucky few — but having been a fan of the KMs since I was twelve years old, and having proudly been blessed to have worked on the 1:1 SP 9010 for nearing eleven years, there is a point of pride with these models that feels great. And I truly hope the results are enjoyed by all, regardless of whether the model is on your shelf, or just on your dream or wish list.

By the way — there is interest in a plastic version, and we’ve been in touch with several top-notch companies; the problem remains one of numbers. A plastic KM to this level of detail would be very, very expensive, and a KM with lesser detail would be a gamble without a guide — all challenges when trying to predict a market. I’ll leave it at that, and suggest you contact your favorite maker of plastic locomotives of high caliber and tell them of your interest. It’s in their hands, not mine or SP 9010’s. :-)

Finally, there are two more photos showing some of the finer detail areas (these were pre-production samples; some details have been improved or corrected in production). 

Thanks for reading to the end of another BZ novella, thanks for the interest in KMs, go check out the SP 9010 website… and Dave, thanks for the share here, and Fillipe, thanks for initiating this thread with such great photos and a fine writeup!

~ Bob Zenk
PS: SP 9010 will debut on the weekend of July 20-21 in Niles Canyon, California. Check in periodically with the Niles Canyon Railway website; they’ll post ticket information as soon as its available!

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