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Date: 02/05/19 08:28
Precision Scale Co.?
Author: Lightning_Slinger

Anyone else having problems with the "new" Precision Scale Co.? I placed an order over a month ago  for some O scale detail parts. After 3 weeks they responded saying to "wait." So I waited. A week went by and I inquired again. They finally sent an invoice that I gave a CC number for payment ---but after another 5 days it still hasn't been charged.
Are they still in business? Do they want business? I've been doing business with the old company in Montana-- and before that in California-- over 35 years but this new outfit is totally frustrating.
Last fall I ordered some O scale air pumps and it took over a month to get them sent. When they finally arrived the castings were so poor that I threw them away rather than bothering to return them. I would have been embarrassed to sell parts that lousy.

I noticed that Walthers is no longer restocking PSC parts....now I know why.


Date: 02/05/19 08:41
Re: Precision Scale Co.?
Author: sixaxlecentury

PSC was sold to the Prantles out of Oregon (or Washington).   Always have had fantastic service with them through their ebay store. 

Keep in mind, most of the parts are cast as needed now, especially the larger scales.   So a delay is inevitable.    3.5 weeks really is not all that bad.   I imagine they may still be sorting molds in getting things in order.   

Walthers has stopped stocking quite a few lines that were low sellers.    

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Date: 02/05/19 09:08
Re: Precision Scale Co.?
Author: SeaboardMan

Well this explains why I haven’t gotten parts I ordered a few weeks ago.  Sure hope they are ok when they arrive.

Date: 02/05/19 10:13
Re: Precision Scale Co.?
Author: KM-ML4000

The Prantles are a good bunch of people. No issues buying from their eBay store or from their PF&S Hobbies. They are located north of Pasco Washington, and have a couple other parts lines (Tomar and Utah Pacific) in addition to the PSC line. My experiences ordering from the old PSC in Montana was not lightning quick either.

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