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Date: 03/05/19 18:12
Amtrak via the SWP
Author: railstiesballast

Here are some i-phone snapshots of an Amtrak move on my SWP.
The cars are Walthers, the power is Athearn that I painted and decalled.
Question: if this is set in 2006 should the units be "elephant style" like this or back-to-back?
The second image is strongly influenced by a Photobob photo of the Starlight along the upper Sacramento River between Dunsmuir and Cantera Loop.

Date: 03/05/19 19:11
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: santafedan

Very nice.
Probably the way you are running them.  If one goes down the other is already pointed in the right direction.

Date: 03/05/19 20:49
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: boejoe

Amtrak P42's rarely go down - LOL

Date: 03/05/19 22:04
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: TCnR

It's a little game the Terminal Superintendents play, some insist on back to back to allow a faster turnaround at the end of the run, Others have them run elephant style in case of a road crossing accident they can remove the lead unit and go,

The early Amtrak trains on the SP Coast route can be dated by how the two lead units were set up, read an article about that somewhere, or maybe here on TO.

Date: 03/06/19 05:45
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: bobk

Great scenes and modeling!

Date: 03/06/19 07:18
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: inCHI

Great modeling, and the trackwork in that first shot specifically is incredible. Those are some of the best looking switches I've seen. How I wish some of the details you added to them were standard on the commercial products.

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Date: 03/06/19 13:27
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: jcaestecker

Lovely and realistic detail in and around the structure.  What material did you use for the curved platform in photo 3?  TIA.


Date: 03/06/19 16:20
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: KA7008

Definitely an Amtrak promo photo with the lounge next to the river!

Date: 03/07/19 03:22
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: mundo

Great layout Mike.

Who is your Roadmaster?

Date: 03/07/19 10:59
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: atsf121

Fantastic modeling!

Posted from iPhone

Date: 03/07/19 21:44
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: railstiesballast

Thank you for the kind words.
The turnout at Marathon is from Peco, with rail braces and angle bars added.  It has an over-center spring and as it is seldom used I simply flick the points over with my finger when needed.  The switch stand is linked so that the target rotates to indicate the position of the points.
Those platforms are simply timber headers filled in with plaster to simulate asphalt paving platforms.

Date: 03/07/19 22:12
Re: Amtrak via the SWP
Author: gonx

Ok, I'll bite.

Is that a mailbox near the tracks in photo 1?


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