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Date: 03/13/19 21:08
Walthers Layout Control System Question
Author: BlackWidow

I have switch machine 942-101 and would like to install it on a turnout that is controlled by a Digitrax DS64.  I would like to run the 2 output lines from the DS64 to the 2 power input lines on the switch machine.  The documentation indicates that you can use a DPDT switch on that input to the switch machine to throw the turnout, and it would seem you could use the output of a DS64 in place of a DPDT switch. It appears you would also have to set a "polarity route option" as well to make this work.

My question is, will this setup work?  Can the output from a DS64 be used in place of a DPDT switch?  The documentation implies that it can, but it does not explicity state that is the case.

I have read through all the documentation for the Layout Control System, and it appears to be a pretty powerful system.  Lots of functionality.  If I were starting a new layout today, I would certainly consider using it for everything.

Date: 03/14/19 14:03
Re: Walthers Layout Control System Question
Author: JUTower

I realize you may already know this, but, the turnout could be directly controlled by DCC address from the track bus.  That might be an easier option.  However, noting that you already have a DS64 in place you probably have routing logic (etc) involved.  If the DS64 was configured to control a Tortoise type machine, then, yes, it should work to control the Walthers LCS switch machine.

Date: 03/18/19 21:15
Re: Walthers Layout Control System Question
Author: BlackWidow

Yes, I am already setup with DS64s, so I don't need the Walthers switch machine to have an address.  I tried running it with a DS64, and it worked as advertised!  I did have solder the board in one spot to activate an option for a DPDT switch.  Once I did that, it was great.

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