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Date: 05/08/19 04:55
HO electronic bells
Author: Frank30

I'm looking for some HO Electronic Bells, the one that looks like a goblet. The (T) Boston is employing
this design on their newly rebuilt F40PH-3s.  The Athearn verson is not a candidate. Details West
indicates #336 and #337 are electronic bells, but I don't see an illustration of them. The type I am
looking for mounts on the face of the locomotive and the mount looks somewhat like that used for the
"classic" shaped bells previously used.  Any ideas?

Date: 05/08/19 07:00
Re: HO electronic bells
Author: Hookdragkick

Google Details West 336 or 337, and you'll find an image. The bell you want is EB-376.

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Date: 05/13/19 16:03
Re: HO electronic bells
Author: Frank30

Thank you Hookdragkick, that number escaped me when I looked in the Walthers catalog the first time.
But without a picture, who would have known what it looked like. I will order some.

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