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Date: 05/11/19 15:51
Large scale flat switching.
Author: santafedan

We had a "fun day" at the Indiana Live Steamers today.  Our public runs start next week.  We have been working pretty hard and we needed a little R and R.

I set up a flat switching event.  Most of our members have never used car cards and built trains.  We had 15 cars to use for the switching.  I shuffled the cards and picked 5 or 6 cards and they assembled the train.  We had switch men, car men and a yard master.  We rotated the jobs so each could do different jobs.  

Photo one shows the cars we had.  Photo 2 shows the searching for the car to pick.  Photo three shows the car men coupling the cars.

They had such a good time we will do it again later this summer.

Date: 05/11/19 15:54
Re: Large scale flat switching.
Author: santafedan

Photo 1 shows a completed train.
Photo 2 We are located near a National Guard base.  They have a 9 track rail head. These two gentlemen stopped by to watch us for a bit.

Photo 3 the inevitable oops.

Date: 05/11/19 15:55
Re: Large scale flat switching.
Author: santafedan

One of our new member's other hobby.

Date: 05/12/19 06:46
Re: Large scale flat switching.
Author: WrongWayMurphy

We have op sessions here in Texas a number times a year, just like the HO Railroads,
using car cards and switchlists.  There are three railroads that participate and each has about
100 cars on site to facilitate the action.  We use 3 man crews, engineer, conductor, and brakeman.

It is indeed a lot of fun.

Date: 05/12/19 07:35
Re: Large scale flat switching.
Author: BAB

Oh yes at the ops meet  here at Train Mountain its just like running an HO operations club event takes hours to do the switch list with just  a few cars.  And why is it instead of a car derailing its the engine as its the heaviest thing in the consist?  Lazy solution run a passenger train oh and the CSX engine is looking good.

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