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Model Railroading > Bowser coal hopper question

Date: 06/08/19 09:06
Bowser coal hopper question
Author: JasonCNW

Picked up a few Bowser CNW coal hoppers from the local hobby shop and have a quick question.  The box they came in says made in china but on the bottom of the models is stamped made in usa,which is it?

Date: 06/08/19 09:52
Re: Bowser coal hopper question
Author: tsokolan

My understanding is the tooling is made in the USA and the model is painted and assembled in China.


Date: 06/08/19 10:05
Re: Bowser coal hopper question
Author: seod

I've bought quite a few kits of the BN cars and as far as I know the parts were all made in the USA then. I wonder if they are injecting the parts here and sending the sprues to China for paint and assembly?. They are nice cars and for a while pretty cheap too. I know they are not a accurate car for BN but they look good enough for me.

Scott O'Dell

Date: 06/09/19 06:06
Re: Bowser coal hopper question
Author: radio

Maybe the box is made in China? 😎

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