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Date: 06/09/19 15:46
ESU Sound Decoder
Author: video7105

Am looking to upgrade my new Intermountain ES44AC with a ESU sound decoder.  It came with a ESU LokPilot 4.0 Dcc Ready board.  Very unfamiliar with how ESU things work and after a few hours today looking online for some kind of information, with not much luck.  Am asking here, what do I have to do?  Is the board that came with it, just need another board that plugs into it or????

Any advise would be appreciated

Mount Joy, PA

Date: 06/09/19 17:06
Re: ESU Sound Decoder
Author: fbe

You need to replace the 21 pin Loc Pilot on the top of the motherboard with a 21 pin Lok Sound decoder. Email IM to see which decoder and sound files you will need for the roadname have. The easiest and quickest way to get this done is to order what you need directly from Intermountain. They will get it programmed for you before they send it if you ask.

Date: 06/10/19 13:11
Re: ESU Sound Decoder
Author: video7105

Thank you, confirm what my thoughts were to do


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