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Date: 07/04/19 16:33
Athearn Engine Troubles
Author: keiffer


I picked up a used Athearn Genesis SD70Ace with dcc and sound.  Took it out of the box today to see how it ran.

I currently only have analog/dc capability. I placed it on the track turned up the power pack which engaged the sounds which is normal, then cranked it up full throttle. Sounds continued to play but the loco didn’t move, tried in both directions and nothing. I read the directions and it tell me that I might need to higher output from my throttle in order for it to move...

Out of curiosity, I took a brand new twin loco, put it on the track, turned up the throttle. Sound comes on and shortly there after it begins to move. So i know I have enough juice to move a twin to the first loco.

My question is.... since its a used item could there be a dcc address that is causing the issue or should I be looking in another direction?

Thank you, 

Date: 07/04/19 16:41
Re: Athearn Engine Troubles
Author: WrongWayMurphy

It is quite possible the previous owner turned off the analog option on the decoder.  I do that with all my locomotives as I operate on DCC only.  Not sure how to turn it back on with your lokie , but you can consult the manual to find out.

Date: 07/04/19 18:51
Re: Athearn Engine Troubles
Author: keiffer

I've checked the manual for both Athearn and Tsunami and come up with nada....

Date: 07/04/19 18:54
Re: Athearn Engine Troubles
Author: Kemacprr

if the previous owner programmed it to be DCC only you will have to find someone with a DCC system to allow the DC option. Can't be done on DC. --- Ken 

Date: 07/05/19 04:46
Re: Athearn Engine Troubles
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Go to Athearn.com
At tab across the top, click on MORE
Click on download Soundtraxx manuals
Click on diesel manual
Go to page 54 - you have to have a DCC system to turn the analog portion on
       (as Ken said on the above post).

Date: 07/05/19 08:39
Re: Athearn Engine Troubles
Author: fbe

Alternatively you could get a 9 pin dummy plug from someone who upgraded from DCC ready to DC sound and replace DCC and Sound. You do lose sound.

Date: 07/06/19 06:15
Re: Athearn Engine Troubles
Author: dh1205

I just worked on an Athearn SD70 for a friend. The headlight wires were wrapped around the driveshaft so you may want to look for that. 

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