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Date: 07/07/19 17:28
Author: trackplanner

The new RIP track facility is finished except for minor detailing of tools and stuff on Tim Dickinson's BN layout (Don DeLay photos).

Date: 07/07/19 19:55
Author: MojaveBill

My maternal grabndfather retred from ATSF as foreman of the Bakersfield RIP track in 1941.
He as given a big, beautiful Philco radioin an oak cabinet which I still have.

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 07/08/19 08:31
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Nice work! Interesting log car with the decked end platforms and open-spine center. What manufacturer are those?

Thank you!
Jeff Johnston

Date: 07/08/19 10:10
Author: alcoc636

Many thanks to Don DeLay for posting pictures of my new RIP track car repair facility. However, Don's statement about this "facility being finished except for some minor detailing work" is not quite accurate. It is really still a work in progress and here are some reasons why. The building itself is finished except for lighting. LED lighting will be installed inside over each of the two tracks as well as outside. Yet to be finished is the outside traveling crane, partially seen in one photo. This crane is far from being complete. Several out buildings including the RIP Track Office/Locker Room are in progress but also not finished. And there is a ton of detail work to be done in and around the main building before a general weathering of the entire area, including lots of weeds. 

Answering the question about the loaded log car seen in one of the photos, it is a brass import from W&R and of Northern Pacific heritage. It joins several other log cars of the same vintage (and importer) on the layout. This car was routed to the RIP's during the last oeprating session on account a dragging chain was noticed. This defect and hazard has now been corrected. So this car is now back in "OK" status and is scheduled to be "pulled" during the next operating session.

Thanks for looking and thanks for your interest.

Tim Dickinson
La Verne, CA

Date: 07/13/19 07:55
Author: dmaffei


just saw this. Didn't know it was about one of my favorite southland layouts! I had a tour a while ago and need to get back for a visit. Stellar layout. Pics from my visit above.


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