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Date: 07/16/03 12:57
pre-built n scale layouts
Author: chessierr

I am horrible at modeling, but I have a lot of nice N scale models I have bought over the years. Is there any company that makes a nice small pre-built layout for n scale? I would not want something too big. Thanks!

Date: 07/16/03 14:00
Re: pre-built n scale layouts
Author: sd80mac

Terrain For Trains

website: http://www.terrainfortrains.com/

In Southern California you can pick them up at Milepost 38 Model Trains in Anahein Hills, CA. There is a link to Milepost on the website.


Date: 07/16/03 14:02
Clickable Link?
Author: sd80mac

Date: 07/16/03 14:03
Re: Clickable Link?
Author: sd80mac

Guess not...

Date: 07/16/03 16:41
Re: Clickable Link?
Author: clarence

Woodland Scenics makes a "layout in a box" that\'s 4x6 ft in N (I think). Comes with lots of foam, a foam cutter, ground foam, etc. Instuctions too. Everything you need except electronics (power pack), track, cars & engines (you\'ve got that), and buildings.


Date: 07/16/03 16:58
Cabbose Hobbies
Author: ewa

Check with caboose hobbies in Denver, Co. They used to have a guy that made and sold N scale layouts on display in the store, he had advertisements also to build a layout to plans of your own liking. They were nice, worth a look.


Date: 07/17/03 15:30
Clickable Link
Author: WrongWayMurphy

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