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Date: 08/04/19 07:29
atlas ho rs1
Author: schneid

I have an atlas rs1 that does not run backwards anymore, in forward position, no problem.  What can i do to solve this problem, if anything.

thanks, paul

Date: 08/04/19 08:01
Re: atlas ho rs1
Author: funnelfan

Sounds like a decoder issue. You can remove the shell and turn the motor several rotations in each direction to make sure there isn't any problem with the drivetrain. But it's probably a B/O decoder.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 08/04/19 09:11
Re: atlas ho rs1
Author: schneid

Do you think restoring to factory default would solve this problem?

Date: 08/04/19 11:26
Re: atlas ho rs1
Author: jburek

Yes I would try resetting decoder to factory specs & see if that restores normal movement.  What type dcecoder is installed?  Sound?

Date: 08/04/19 14:02
Re: atlas ho rs1
Author: schneid

It's a factory installed loksound decoder.

Date: 08/05/19 07:35
Re: atlas ho rs1
Author: Bob3985

When in doubt reboot. If that doesn't work go to Tsunami for one thats more reliable.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 08/05/19 07:46
Re: atlas ho rs1
Author: fbe

Since it is Atlas installed warranty or service work needs to be done through Atlas. If you buy a decoder off the shelf and install it yourself then you work with Soundtraxx.

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