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Date: 08/06/19 10:59
Blueline decoder
Author: Hartington

The side of a Blueline box says "For DCC (with sound!) simply plug your favourite NMRA compliant decoder into the sound board's 8 pin socket".

I don't have a favourite! Anybody got any suggestions?

Thinking about it will a non-sound chip allow me to control lights etc?

Date: 08/06/19 13:02
Re: Blueline decoder
Author: funnelfan

Date: 08/07/19 09:16
Re: Blueline decoder
Author: arizonaBNSF

I'm a Digitrax guy and 99% of my fleet is non-sound so my reccomendation is the DH126 for standard light functions and a DH166 if the unit has ditcth lights or other extra lights. You can get them with a 9 pin to 8 pin adaptor, that will be have a 'PS' after the decoder name. 

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