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Date: 08/08/19 01:10
PFM/Fulgurex Switch Motors For Sale?
Author: Wildebeest

We here at the La Mesa Model Railroad Club in the San Diego Model Railroad Museum developed a standard switch motor mounting arrangement for our Tehachapi exhibit a few decades ago.  Back in the early 1980s, we selected the PFM/Fulgurex motor with cut-off contacts as our standard.  That motor has been out of production for some time now, and while we still have an ample stock with which to finish what few switches are left in order to complete the railroad, we are seeking additional motors to have on had as spares.  Most currently available motors, like the Tortoise, are physically different enough that we can't readily adapt them to our standard mounting system.

If anyone has or knows of any working PFM/Fulgurex motors lying around that we might be able to purchase for a reasonable price, we would be very interested.  We would also be interested in trying any other motors currently in production that have roughly the same form factor and a throw bar with a hole for a link at one or both ends like the PFM motors.  If you have any motors or information about them or about a replacement, you can reply to this message or e-mail me privately.

One of these days we need to write up our quick-change mounting arrangement, with a plywood plate that mounts on studs with wing nuts and a Molex connector that lets us plug in and unplug the electrical connections.


Date: 08/08/19 02:17
Re: PFM/Fulgurex Switch Motors For Sale?
Author: MMD

Have you contacted Fulgurex directly, I was on there web sight a few days ago and the switch machines were listed but the writing is in Swiss which I do not understand.     From what I have found I think these machines may be purchased from various vendors in the UK.
          Have you checked Model Railroad Control Systems they has a switch that is some what like the PFM/ Fulgurex one.

    New Zealand.

Date: 08/08/19 04:56
Re: PFM/Fulgurex Switch Motors For Sale?
Author: Frank30


I have a bunch of these, brand new that I've been selling at train shows. I bought these for my own layout,
but after a move, it looks like the layout, in storage, will not be moving in with us. Let me know how many
you need and I'll check storage to see what I have.
Frank30 (Boston)

Date: 08/08/19 13:50
Re: PFM/Fulgurex Switch Motors For Sale?
Author: Wildebeest

My thanks to MMD and Frank30 for your recommendations.

MMD, I located the No. 830 switch motors in the 2018-2019 Fulgurex catalog, and I was able to translate the French text with the entry.  But the catalog didn't appear to have any price or ordering info, so I have sent them an e-mail inquiring about that.

Frank, next time I'm at the club, I'll count how many motors we have on hand and how many we will need to finish the small ampount of construction needed to complete our railroad, and will then hae a better idea how many spares we already have.  How many spares we want will probably depend on price.  Did you have a price in mind?



Date: 08/08/19 15:20
Re: PFM/Fulgurex Switch Motors For Sale?
Author: Frank30


I passed by my storage room today and saw that I have 8 new switch motors.I had them marked at $10 at shows
and nobody questioned it. I figure the only people interested in them would be current users as there are many options
that have come along in the meanwhile.  I know I bought cartons of them from I believe The Original Whistle Stop out
your way. Theyhad to have been at least $15 if not more, correct me if I'm wrong. Let me know if there's any interest, my
shows start up the end of September.

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