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Date: 09/06/19 13:12
PR3 XTRA problem
Author: seod

I have a Digitrax PR3 XTRA that will  no longer program on the main. It will still program on the programming track but it will not communicate with the engine on the main. I will say it is my fault as a while ago I went to push the button to get it into programming mode and a spark went from my fingertip to the PR3 and it has not worked right since then. I went to the Digitrax website and they say it is now a non repairable item unless under warranty  and it is well out of warranty as I have had it for a while.

Anybody have any ideas on what can be done. I think it is now a paper weight as I want to be able to program on the main. I am thinking a PR4 is in my future. Maybe someone wants a partially working PR3 XTRA.

Scott O'Dell

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