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Date: 10/02/19 16:29
Ron Sebastian
Author: pullmanboss

A post to the groups.io Passenger Car List notes that Ron Sebastian, owner of Des Plaines Hobbies and Centralia Car Shops, passed away this morning. No other details.

Tom Madden

Date: 10/02/19 17:09
Re: Ron Sebastian
Author: Rapidobill

Very sad. Ron was a great guy, a leader in the hobby industry and a real resource for many manufacturers. My heart goes out to the family...

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Date: 10/02/19 19:34
Re: Ron Sebastian
Author: spotto720

I live on the eastern shore of MD. About 12 years ago I was on my way to the Naperville RPM meet. I stopped by Des Plaines Hobbies on the way. For a never determined reason I passed out and ended up being taken by ambulance to the hospital at Park Ridge. The doc assigned to me was determined to find the reason I passed out and I was there for a week.

To show what a stand up guy Ron was, he came out to the ER and visited me that night and one more time during my hospital stay. I didn’t know Ron other than the times I visited his shop during Naperville meets. I was forever grateful for him doing that.

Scott Seders
Salisbury, MD

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Date: 10/02/19 19:42
Re: Ron Sebastian
Author: wabash2800

I think it's a great shop, perhaps a credit to his mentoring. I order things from them including any new items from Rapido, etc. His people on the phone or via email are always professional and eager to get my business.

Victor A. Baird

Date: 10/04/19 05:31
Re: Ron Sebastian
Author: JoppaSub

Very sorry to hear this.  Ron was a great person.  He ran a first class shop/business.  They are all great people at Des Plaines Hobbies. Condolences to his wife and family.

Thomas Austin
Centralia, IL
Joppa Sub Layout Site

Date: 10/04/19 08:51
Re: Ron Sebastian
Author: joemvcnj

Every trip through Chicago, Des Plaines (and Chicagoland) Hobbies are must-do's for me. I hope this tragedy does not threaten the store's existence. 

Date: 10/04/19 17:12
Re: Ron Sebastian
Author: MattG

Hello All,

The family thanks you for all the kind thoughts. Additional information can be found here. Thanks again

Matt Gaudynski


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