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Date: 11/03/19 09:45
MOLOCO Now taking Reservations...the PCF RBLs
Author: kangaroose

To get better at getting the correct quantities for products were trying something new and taking reservations. So if you want them we are now taking reservations.We are expecting a delivery window some time around the 2nd Quarter of 2020 and the general price will be in line with current RTR prices. When the product becomes available to purchase we will send out invoices for your payments in the order we received them. So, the earlier you place your reservation the earlier you will be notified. We are trying to be better at producing the correct quantities of cars that our customers want.The RESERVATIONS close on the 30th of November, 2019. Reservations received by the deadline will guarantee the models ordered but also help us to determine accurate quantities per item to our factory. You can also place your reservations with any of our current dealers.

As they appear;
EL (NIRX lease) were for the National Pool of General Foods (4 car numbers)
SP with Modified Bulkheads logo were assigned to Fresno, California (1 car number)
WP with the special Air-Pak equipment along with DF-B loaders 
(4 car numbers)


Thanks Nick

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Date: 11/03/19 09:56
Re: MOLOCO Now taking Reservations...the PCF RBLs
Author: kangaroose

In the first run we will be producing undec kits, dependent on reservation quantities.
SSW (Cotton Belt) Delivery scheme 1962 (6 car numbers)
SP Delivery scheme 1962 (6 car numbers)

We will be placing images of the prototype over the coming month on our FB page, so you can see the longevity of some of these schemes.

Best regards, Nick

Date: 11/03/19 12:01
Re: MOLOCO Now taking Reservations...the PCF RBLs
Author: wabash2800

You've got some great looking cars that I remember growing up with. It's too bad (or good for my pocket book) that you don't have cars for the early 1950s that I model.

Victor A. Baird

Waiting for steam or transition era 40 ft. gons in various roadnames.

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Date: 11/05/19 07:02
Re: MOLOCO Now taking Reservations...the PCF RBLs
Author: binder001

Beautiful cars!  I need at least one SP for service on my 60's CB&Q line, and probably more.  Moloco cars are a bit pricey, but for the freight car fan they are a delight.  Nice accurate cars that seem to run as well as they look.  I am quite happy with the cars that I have so far and am looking forward to some PC&Fs.

Gary B.
Waverly, NE

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