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Date: 11/21/19 22:36
Programming sound file to loksound 5
Author: tiltone

Just wondering if any one elese has had this experience when maping lighting functions to the loksound 5 decoder     After installing sound file and  maping lights to same function buttons as all other esu select decoders on layout  i always use the the controler on pc screen to test before going to layout all sounds remaped work fine but not lighting functions except standard headlights started to get frustrated so in the end said to myself will give it a miss so put locomotives on layout and just happened to try the programed light functions  that i had maped low and behold they all  worked  fine  So back to PC screen  contoller and you guessed it they did not work  back to layout and all still good   Cheers Dennis

Date: 11/22/19 06:53
Re: Programming sound file to loksound 5
Author: brfriedm

I highly recommend the Facebook page "ESU CabControl and LokSound Installations Group"

Lots of very knowledable folks who answer all your questions.


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