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Date: 11/29/19 08:32
Caboose projects
Author: bigkidpgh

I've had these brass caboose models on my to-do list for quite a while. I finally finished painting and decaling them last week.

1. N&W C31P - Overland Model
2. N&W C7 - Overland Model - I added the wagon wheel antenna 
3. P&LE Bay window - ALCO Model - I added the piping along the side per the prototype.

Weathering is always a tricky proposition for me - I've had varying degrees of success over the years - think I'll leave these as-is!

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Date: 11/29/19 10:25
Re: Caboose projects
Author: ck3573

Nice looking models!

Date: 11/29/19 13:05
Re: Caboose projects
Author: boejoe

Very well done.  Your N&W cupola version looks better than a plastic version I had once upon a time.  I'm guessing the N&W bay window prototype came via an acquisition - NKP?

Date: 11/29/19 13:22
Re: Caboose projects
Author: bigkidpgh

Yes - N&W class C6 and C7 bay window cabeese came via NKP acquisition. I believe that only the C6 class had wagon wheel antennas but I thought it was a nice detail and used some modelers license to add it to this class C7 model.

Date: 11/29/19 18:52
Re: Caboose projects
Author: PasadenaSub

Fine looking cabooses and scenes on your layout!


Date: 11/30/19 07:32
Re: Caboose projects
Author: SPDRGWfan

On the way home from work I saw what may have been a rider caboose at the end of a N-S train and it looked a lot like the silver roof N&W caboose above.  There was a depressed center flat car in front.  The caboose was black with a silver roof but I don't recall the markings; wasn't close enough and the train was really moving so I couldn't keep up with it.

Date: 12/01/19 07:04
Re: Caboose projects
Author: Jimmies

Your cabooses look great, and so do the scenes they are sitting in.


Date: 12/02/19 14:58
Re: Caboose projects
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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