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Date: 01/10/20 18:59
Kato F40 Decoder Help
Author: Amtrak784

I want to experiment with offboard sound, I read about in Model Railroader's 1000th Issue.  I believe I need a drop-in Decoder for the Locomotive (Kato N F40PH-Amtrak), as well as a Sound Decoder (for the offboard sound).  What are some recommendations for decoders, both Drop-In & Sound Decoders?  Prefereably not Digitrax, Thanks for your help!

Date: 01/10/20 21:03
Re: Kato F40 Decoder Help
Author: ChrisCampi

I would look into Rapido’s version of the F40 decoder. They did their own recordings and it sounds great.

Date: 01/11/20 16:26
Re: Kato F40 Decoder Help
Author: tmurray

If n-scale non-sound, there's TCS.

As well as ESU's LokPilot:

If you want onboard sound, ESU offers a Select Direct Micro, and MRC offers their drop-in but the sound isn't fantastic.

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