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Date: 01/14/20 22:22
Athearn Parts Help
Author: espee4ever

I am trying to locate a replacement board for my Athearn RTR SW1500. I ordered what I thought was the right part and instead got a metal clip attached to the bottom of the board. Does not fit, the board that came out has screw holes for mounting. I grabbed the parts list and it looks like I need part number 90616.01, I accidentally bought 90616. I'm now on the hunt for the .01 version and I can't find this part anywhere! If someone knows where I can get one please let me know as this will get a beloved SSW switcher back on the board switching. A phone call to Athearn might be the answer.

Thank you!

Date: 01/15/20 07:41
Re: Athearn Parts Help
Author: toledopatch

I'd start with the phone call (or email) to Athearn.

Date: 01/15/20 07:50
Re: Athearn Parts Help
Author: BAB

Call up Soundtraxx and tell them what you need bet you get the right answer the first time. Also most boards, those made by Soundtraxx for Athearn are not the same as a standard board in functions I was told so get there stock one not the Athearn one.

Date: 01/15/20 11:37
Re: Athearn Parts Help
Author: espee4ever

Thank you for the help, really appreciated.

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