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Date: 02/12/20 12:26
3D Printer (Part 12) – Pause
Author: tmotor

This is Part 12 of a series on my recent experience with an Anycubic “Photon S” 3D printer.  (Parts 1 thru 11 were posted earlier.)
The walls of the Vat extends over 1” to create a reservoir to contain the resin.  The part will be printed by attaching layers of resin to the bottom of the Build Plate.  For the first few hours of printing, the Vat walls obscure the progress as the part grows on the underside of the Build Plate.  In order to view the first few layers, it is possible to press the PAUSE button, which will raise the Build Plate high enough above the walls of the Vat to see how the part is doing. 
However, when resuming the printing of the part, it does NOT restart seamlessly.  On the finished part, a layer line will mark the time(s) the PAUSE was used.  Therefore it is best to use PAUSE only during the very first layers when the Supports are being built, where it doesn’t matter if these unwanted layer lines occur.  Once it Is confirmed the Supports are attached to the Build Plate, let the printer finish printing the part. 
Ever since switching resins, all prints have successfully adhered to the Build Plate.  I no longer use the PAUSE feature, and just let the printer run for a few hours before looking over the Vat wall to inspect the progress. 

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