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Date: 03/23/20 18:50
Pan Am 40' Hi Cube
Author: SimpleMoMike

My friend Stuart gave me an undecorated Hi Tech kit of a 40 ft Hi cube boxcar and said "see what you can do with this." I started collecting forty footers and Pan Am equipment for two different trains so here was my chance to combine the two tasks. Since I was home bound due to the virus, I decided to make a Pan Am version of my favorite boxcar. As far as I know, they didn't have any of these so I like the uniqueness of my car. I am no boxcar expert and there are a few details left to add on, but I am having fun and it's looking good enough for me. I hope everybody is being safe and thanks for looking.

Michael Mickens
Rialto, Ca

Date: 03/23/20 18:57
Re: Pan Am 40' Hi Cube
Author: algoma11

Nice looking car!

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

Date: 03/23/20 19:28
Re: Pan Am 40' Hi Cube
Author: SantaFeRuss

NiceĀ 'what if' boxcar! its your railroad/boxcar. Do whachalike!


Date: 03/24/20 08:55
Re: Pan Am 40' Hi Cube
Author: toledopatch

It is a nice-looking car. As you surmise, though, it's strictly fantasy.

Date: 03/24/20 09:36
Re: Pan Am 40' Hi Cube
Author: ChrisCampi

Great looking car. I believe most high cubes have that white band across the top on the ends indicating its a taller car.

Date: 03/24/20 22:23
Re: Pan Am 40' Hi Cube
Author: SimpleMoMike

Thanks Chris, I completely forgot that white band. Easily correctable and I will get that done next weekend!


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