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Date: 03/25/20 13:22
N-scale Fire Station
Author: pilotblue

Hey Gang,

In a recent thread, I suggested everyone deal with the current situation by going down to the basement and starting on a kit you've had for some time. Following my own advice, here's my contribution. The structure is a kit bash of two kits by Randy Brown. You can see his kits on EBay.
The engine and heavy squad are Athearn items with no modifications. The F-350's are River Point Station products. The Hose tender was made using hose reels from an old Lindberg Fireboat kit. The small hose reels on the mini-pumper are from that same kit.

I don't think this social distancing thing is going to work, my wife keeps wanting to come back into the house. Last night it rained so I relented a bit. I gave her a bag of Doritos and a key to the shed.

Post your stuff!

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Date: 03/25/20 14:53
Re: N-scale Fire Station
Author: hartrick24

  Your work is very nice. Thanks for sharing...

  Steve H...

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Date: 03/25/20 18:26
Re: N-scale Fire Station
Author: electromac


Date: 03/25/20 19:59
Re: N-scale Fire Station
Author: tehachapifan

Very cool! Looks a lot like the typical Cal Fire type stations all over the state.

Date: 03/25/20 22:09
Re: N-scale Fire Station
Author: EMD2024

I hope the wife's doing okay. Maybe toss her a blanket and a different snack. Doritos get old and stale in a short time. Stay warm in the house!


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Date: 03/25/20 22:54
Re: N-scale Fire Station
Author: bearease

Nice job! Love the vehicles!

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