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Date: 05/16/20 09:26
NdeM Passenger car colors
Author: PeaBock619

     What are the colors for when painting NdeM passenger cars?
Thank You,
Patrick Baca 

Date: 05/16/20 12:38
Re: NdeM Passenger car colors
Author: mundo

can depend upon the era and type of car.

Date: 05/16/20 16:08
Re: NdeM Passenger car colors
Author: wabash2800

There was a guy from Mexico on the nostalgia board that would post from time to time.

Victor A. Baird

Date: 05/16/20 19:13
Re: NdeM Passenger car colors
Author: emd_mrs1

to speak very very broadly....

heavyweights - pullman green with a red-orange stripe below windows

lightweight including some secondhand cars - a pale mint green with a red stripe.

secondhand lightweights including stainless steel cars -
- relettered in previous owners scheme (C&O, IC, etc)
- pullman green with a red stripe.(Walthers did these)
- dark pullman green with lettering "MEXICO"
- pullman green with a silver roof (Atlas is doing these)

NdeM/FNM - two tone blue with orange pin stripes.


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