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Date: 05/16/20 17:19
Tichy Flat car weight
Author: BNModeler

Just scored 3 undecs and was wondering if they are up to weight or need weight to be added.

Date: 05/16/20 18:49
Re: Tichy Flat car weight
Author: wabash2800

Perhaps if no one replies, maybe you can weigh the parts without the box and then compare that to the recommend NMRA weight for the length of the car. My digital postage scale can do that.

Victor A. Baird

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Date: 05/16/20 19:35
Re: Tichy Flat car weight
Author: lnrr1066

I've built a few.  Definitely need weight.

And the stirrups are quite delicate.  Might want to substitute if they are going to be regular runners.  The edge of Post-It notes can help align masking tape on the "steel" parts of the deck when you paint the "wood" parts of the deck.

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Date: 05/17/20 06:33
Re: Tichy Flat car weight
Author: march_hare

Strongly recommend getting really good trucks w metal wheels. The car is a gem but it is light. 

Date: 05/17/20 08:09
Re: Tichy Flat car weight
Author: sarailfan

They are light (1.0 oz assembled) but I've had no trouble running them at that weight, on 2% grades at the head end of 20 car freights. The key I've found is to leave both trucks slightly loose, rather than the usual one. I do swap the wheels for Intermountain metal wheels, that keeps the weight low.

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Darren Boes
Lethbridge, AB
Southern Alberta Railfan

Date: 05/17/20 10:51
Re: Tichy Flat car weight
Author: BoilingMan

These are wonderful cars and are the backbone of my Skeena River Railway roster.  All the cars have Kadee metal sprung trucks. I've had good luck with them, but my trains are quite short.  Half my cars carry loads and the loads help.

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Date: 05/17/20 17:10
Re: Tichy Flat car weight
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Hi, I use the Tichy cars as the accurate basis for the log flats on our Sugar Pine Lumber Company layout. I swap out the plastic trucks and wheelsets for Kadee or Central Valley (I have some oldies in stock) with Intermountain metal wheelsets. I add a few thin pieces of lead weights between the ribs underneath and they seem to track and run just fine that way.

Jeff Johnston

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