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Date: 05/17/20 07:31
Santa Fe GP60
Author: texchief1

Did Athearn ever come out with a Genesis GP60 and if they didn't is the Fox Valley model any good compared to a genesis engine?

Thanks for your replies!

Randy Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 05/17/20 07:37
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: Grand87

No Genisis GP60 or GP59

Date: 05/17/20 07:49
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: g-spotter1

Athearn's GP 60 is actually more of a GP-50 in disguise.   They ran an rtr version some time ago, but not Genesis level.   Fox Valley and Proto 2000 made true GP60's.  The Fox Valley is a good locomotive, but some of the details are less refined than you would find on a Genesis locomotive.  Their Santa Fe blue is really dark, which takes away from that particular unit.  I have two of them and they are fine performers.  My favorites are the Proto 2000's, but they need work before they can enter service, starting with new decoders, if you run dcc; and light board removal /straight wired for dc.  They are heavy enough and look great.  They can be hard to find at times, though a bargain if you massage them.  The Fox Valley units are satisfactory, though.

Date: 05/17/20 09:01
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: tgcostello

I own four of the P2K Phase II GP 60s, three in SP/SSW and a BNSF badged ATSF unit.  They are very well detailed and run well with my other equipment.  If i needed another GP60 I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.  Attached is my circa 1995 SP intermoday train on the La Mesa Model RR Club Tehachapi Pass exhibit at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.
Tim Costello

Date: 05/17/20 10:06
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: bnsfmodeler

Here are my Cotton Belt GP60's My thought's are the Fox Valley shells and details are better. but the lighting and the trucks are not as good as the walthers.

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Date: 05/17/20 11:44
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: SimpleMoMike

I have a couple videos of the Fox Valley Santa Fe running on my small layout. Operational I have had no issues and after some extended use the speakers do not sound as good as when they were new. Here's a link to one of my videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI4_O8fc75U

Michael Mickens
Rialto, Ca

Date: 05/17/20 18:00
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: amtrak706

The speakers on the Fox Valley ones are pretty much the worst I have ever heard in HO scale (the same speakers as in the Intermountain SD40-2). I tried replacing mine with a Bowser 1291 dual sugar cube, which sounds better but introduces a severe amount of shell vibration. There are pretty much no shell openings for the sound to come out through, as the fans and grills are all solid and molded on. Not sure what my next move will be with that engine.

Date: 05/17/20 21:01
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: UP951West

The length of your APL stack train is impressive. Thanks for posting your video. 

Date: 05/18/20 12:27
Re: Santa Fe GP60
Author: SOU3921

Nice video!  Like the subtle weathering on the containers!

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