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Date: 05/20/20 07:53
N.M. on a 2x8 HO layout
Author: santafedan

Several years ago I was commissioned to build a 4X8 HO train display for the Benjamin Harrison Museum in Indianapolis. After discussions, it was determined that his whistle stop in Deming NM would be a feature on the layout.  He was the first presidential candidate to cross the US in that way. I researched the trip and then found cars of the era to be on a freight train that ran around the layout.  Roundhouse cars were found as you can see in the photos.

I used a view block divider and then had the two scenes you see here. ( I will post the whistle stop next.). One of the issues for the layout was how it could be moved.  It had to be made in three sections and all scenery had to be removable.  There was a small elevator and a spiral staircase to be negotiated. The scenes here are on the 2x8 side of the layout.  It was moved 5 times and is still on display.

Date: 05/20/20 07:55
Re: N.M. on a 2x8 HO layout
Author: santafedan

The whistle stop and the finished project.

Date: 05/20/20 09:44
Re: N.M. on a 2x8 HO layout
Author: atsf121

That’s cool, nice layout and I like the whistle stop scene. My wife went to see Bush 43’s stop in Pleasanton, CA, funny how that is still a thing even today.


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