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Model Railroading > Which has the better drive.

Date: 06/25/20 04:30
Which has the better drive.
Author: Highhood

Kato or scale trains.
Asking about n scale only.
Interested in both dc and dcc.
Diesel engines only.

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Date: 06/25/20 06:22
Re: Which has the better drive.
Author: ATSF_Cliff

No help from me, they are both smooth and reliable.

Cliff Rutherford
Grain Valley, MO

Date: 06/25/20 10:19
Re: Which has the better drive.
Author: NDHolmes

I would rate ST better by only just a hair.  Both are smooth, reliable, and shouldn't be an issue.  It's just that my Katos (a few SD70MACs and two P42s) are slightly noisier than the ST drives.  They're also significantly older, so that's probably to account for at least some of it.

Date: 06/25/20 16:33
Re: Which has the better drive.
Author: BNSF20

  Both have excellent drive and Katos, in my opinion are more durable and have excellent engineering but are less detailed. ScaleTrains also run excellent and are now offering both Rivit Counter and Operator. Both have the same drive and again in my opinion, have excellent paint detail and the Rivit Counter unbelievable detail for N scale. Also both brands are easy to install DCC. If you register your ScaleTrains locomotive warranty on line, the warranty increases from one year to two years. Please checkout Ron's Trains and Things video on Youtube where he compares both brands and both levels of ST Dash9-44cw  locomotives, I think you will find it very helpful.

Date: 06/26/20 20:50
Re: Which has the better drive.
Author: kbmiflyer

Agree both are good.  Kato engines are a little more powerful, but they also tend to run much faster which makes them a bit difficult to DPU and control on a DCC layout.

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