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Date: 06/26/20 12:03
Beets at Bealville
Author: Betsy

Well, more specifically, beet cars.  It's actually a train of "empties."  This is a video of my train of sugar beet gondolas "westbound" (in SP parlance) through Bealville on the La Mesa Tehachapi Pass exhibit in San Diego.  I don't have sound-equipped models (conscious choice on my part), but years ago there was a video of a SP beet train at Niles posted on TO (I can't seem to find a link).  I noticed that while the context was a bit different, the length of that clip was just about the same length as the clip of my train, so I've indiscreetly lifted the sound and dubbed it in to my video.  The acoustics in the museum are such that it's difficult to record sound and not have a lot of extraneous noise, so this solved that.  And it just plain fun watching trains.


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Date: 06/26/20 12:55
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: dlh

Nicely done. The only thing to make it better would be some GE sound to go with those guys after the EMD's pass. But none the less a very good video and I'd vote for video of the day..

Date: 06/26/20 13:12
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: 3rdswitch

Now that was awesome. Great job.

Date: 06/26/20 13:20
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: ChrisCampi

Hard to beet that.

Date: 06/26/20 14:54
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: wpdude

And the model cars will never make that "wheel on rail" sound, very cool!

Date: 06/26/20 15:18
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: FiveChime

Excellent!  Really liked the long train and nice car weathering.

Regards,Jim Evans

Date: 06/26/20 15:32
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: TCnR

Nice job, looks great.
...wait 'til Dave sees this!

Date: 06/26/20 16:08
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: pullmanboss

Now that is just spectacular. Noticed no wiggling or jiggling as the cars passed which added to the feeling of mass in motiion. Thanks for posting!

Tom M.

Date: 06/26/20 16:29
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: atsf121

Now that was awesome!

Posted from iPhone

Date: 06/26/20 16:38
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: MojaveBill

And on one of the world''s great layouts!

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 06/26/20 16:41
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: funnelfan

Fantastic!  Now I'm off to go run a 64 car grain train with a SD40-2, GP30, SD40-2 combo in 1:1 scale  ;^D

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 06/26/20 16:52
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: rgbarton

This video was so real that I started looking for clues before I read the notes.  
There were no air hoses and the sound as heard from the unchanging camera position changed
the rail joint sounds.
BUT beautifily done.

Date: 06/27/20 08:57
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: dmaffei

Great looking train Liz! Like the dubbed sound too, but agree the GE "Glug" would have made it perfect

Just finished car 64, a red caboose model, car 358900 seen hanging truck less at the work bench in photos attached. I moved the brake wheel up to the high position as many of this number series cars had,. I used Accurail trucks with Intermountain wheel sets on all cars except for 10 brass Precision scale cars. On the brass cars I used Kato trucks. I also tried powdered Teflon on all journals to decrease rolling friction at journals. The powdered Teflon seems to help. All 64 cars are at NMRA standard 4 ounces of weight and LOADED with beets!

Still waiting to run them ALL together. Would be a fun run with our two trains at La Mesa...


Date: 06/27/20 12:11
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: WAF

Dave you need to have one with top boards broken like Liz's

Date: 06/29/20 10:40
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: grahamline

Charlie Comstock's "Hot Trains" video also has dubbed real world sound which makes a world of difference in a model train video.

Date: 06/29/20 11:16
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: chakk

Only sound missing in this video is the road crew blowing for the highway grade crossing at Bealville.  I sure hope that the trucker at the crossing at least stopped and looked, since listening might not have helped, unless (s)he could hear the dynamics coming downgrade.

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Date: 07/05/20 06:07
Re: Beets at Bealville
Author: jimbertone

Terrific modeling and brilliant approach to the audio.  Love the weathering on the engines and cars.


Jim Bertone
Quincy, MA

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