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Date: 06/26/20 17:09
DCC Consisting help needed
Author: Mautner

Hello, I am using the MRC Prodigy Express system.My issue is when I run engines by themselves everything works fine, lights,bell and horn ETC.. When I create a consist the pair of engines run fine, but the lights and horn and bell no longer work.This is with pairs of Athearn Genesis units with the standard Tusnami decoders..If it matters I am using low numbers like 11 and 12 for the consist.Thanks in advance.

Mike Mautner
Maryland Hts., MO

Date: 06/26/20 17:45
Re: DCC Consisting help needed
Author: NDHolmes

My guess is that your MRC system is only sending the functions to the consist address.  In which case you probably need to set CV21 so that the functions also respond on the consist address as well as the regular address.

Date: 06/26/20 18:41
Re: DCC Consisting help needed
Author: ChrisCampi

Go to Tsunami's website and download the user guide. You need to read up on advanced consisting. CV's 19, 21 and 22. It's quite simple and you'll be glad you did.

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