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Date: 09/14/20 07:32
Bowser C430 motor issue
Author: jburek

Purchased a Bowser C430 years ago and it has sat in it's box till this past weekend. I notice it seems to have a very weak motor. Anyone else experience this? If motor needs replacing, what is a good replacement & how difficult is it to do??

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Date: 09/14/20 15:52
Re: Bowser C430 motor issue
Author: ChrisCampi

This may help.

Date: 02/21/19 06:44
Re: Intermountain ES44AC re-powering exercise
Author: brfriedm So I can shed some light on this scenario. There was a period of time that locomotives from Atlas Bowser and Intermountain were being built at the same Chinese factory. These engines including the one u have were equipped with poor quality motors that had very poor pulling power and were cheaply made. Intermountain recognized this and requested this factory produce a better motor for future runs. They did. The pulling power in the newer motor was immensely better and better built. You can buy these new motors with flywheels from Intermountain parts. When I bought them they were $20 US @.  I replaced all my junk motors and they are a drop fit. The main issue with the bad motors is they have weak magnets. The way to tell is to hold a small jewelers screw driver near the magnets, the junk motor will barely attract it versus the newer motor grabs the screwdriver out of your hands.  I do not know if they have any of these newer motors in stock.  As we all know, Intermountain had to change vendors for manufacturing. 


Date: 09/15/20 06:50
Re: Bowser C430 motor issue
Author: stevenlsilva

It might be that only one truck is moving i had the same problem

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