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Date: 10/07/20 14:04
Renumbering ATSF GP7s - HO
Author: chrisbutts

I have a pair of Athearn Genesis GP7s, Santa Fe  with Topeka cabs, and I want to renumber them.   I have Microscale set 87-1067 but the numbers are too big, to my eyes anyway.  Certainly compared to what is already on the model and some other ATSF diesels I have.

Is there a better set for renumbering?   Thank you,


Date: 10/07/20 15:11
Re: Renumbering ATSF GP7s - HO
Author: KA7008

Best course is to stay with the microscale and remove "all" numbers from the cab.  Use the microsol "red" label on a cut piece of paper towel to slowly weaken and remove the paint.

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