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Date: 10/10/20 12:41
Athearn AC4400
Author: SD608708

Does anyone have the instruction sheet for a Ready to Run Athearn AC4400?Mine got water damage from a leak in the basement. I Athearn, Proto 2000, BLI boxes also.BLI did send me a new box. I struck out with all the other manufacturer.


Paul B
Canton, GA

Date: 10/10/20 13:54
Re: Athearn AC4400
Author: RRBaron

Sorry for you hassles...there is Model Railroad / Toy Train insurance availible thru the TCA and a firm I think in Pittsburg. 

Date: 10/10/20 14:13
Re: Athearn AC4400
Author: MrMRL

Athearn RTR AC4400CW 2003 run...

Athearn RTR AC4400CW 2006+ run...

Both sheets, courtesy of HOseeker.net

~ Mr. MRL

Date: 10/10/20 17:37
Re: Athearn AC4400
Author: SD608708

Thanks Mr. MRL,
The 2006 is exactly what I needed.

Paul B
Canton, GA

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