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Date: 11/10/20 22:30
Warbonnet Wednesday: Who Invited YOU?
Author: railstiesballast

We all have strong memories of what a Santa Fe "Warbonnet" should look like.
Well the Santa Fe tampered with that with their "Yellowbonnet" freight scheme which kept the spirit alive.
Then the return of red and silver warbonnets under Mike Haverty let them spread their fame to new audiences.
So this poor old retired yellowbonnet F45 got patched by Morrison-Knudsen and put out as a leaser.
Nobody ever invited it to a Warbonnet Wednesday, or did they?
Anyway here it is on my SWP during the meltdown following the UP - SP merger when any leased power was welcome.
If Omaha ever found out that it was the leading unit, they never let on, mostly they were buried like in the second image.
It is a blue box Athearn with laser cut glazing and a Santa Fe plow, ditch lights, air conditioner, and antenna stand added. 
I think my patch is about as neat as M-K's, which is no compliment.
It is actually a good runner with an NCE decoder and a keep alive.
This is a special Warbonnet Wednesday, it is 11/11, Veterans Day.
My thanks and a salute to all my fellow vets, and don't forget to fly our flag; we have a lot to celebrate in America, always have, always will.

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Date: 11/11/20 07:13
Re: Warbonnet Wednesday: Who Invited YOU?
Author: SPED

Hey...give the old girl a break, she still looks proud with her bonnet intact. Give her a little scrub down and touch up, she's got what it takes, and has many miles left.

Ditto on Veterans Day, thank all of you.

Date: 11/11/20 14:32
Re: Warbonnet Wednesday: Who Invited YOU?
Author: Txtrainman60

NICE shots!

Date: 11/12/20 02:31
Re: Warbonnet Wednesday: Who Invited YOU?
Author: NSyorktown

I'm really impressed with the right-of-way . . . . stellar job with the ballast, and the vegetation on that rock wall in Pic #2.  Very nice work!

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