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Model Railroading > Gas or diesel engine - ?

Date: 11/17/20 15:35
Gas or diesel engine - ?
Author: Jeff_Johnston

It seems that Evergreen Hill Designs has discontinued its Stationary Cat Engine kit, part no. EH510. I've done my looking around the net but have had no luck finding a reasonable facsimile thereof, representing either a gasoline or diesel power plant.

Is anyone aware of a similar product on the market, perhaps as part of a bulldozer kit, for example? All I need is the engine part, doesn't need to include a frame or other ancillary hardware. Straight 6 is ideal, straight 4 might also work.


Jeff Johnston

Date: 11/17/20 15:59
Re: Gas or diesel engine - ?
Author: PHall

Take a look at American Model Builders (AMB) kit # 221.

Date: 11/17/20 16:04
Re: Gas or diesel engine - ?
Author: emd_mrs1

Ertl did one as a flatcar load or separate packaging.

I've seen it recently maybe by Walthers??



Date: 11/17/20 16:21
Re: Gas or diesel engine - ?
Author: Jeff_Johnston

PHall - Thank you, that is exactly what I had in mind!

"Much obliged" as my Grandfather would have said.


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