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Date: 01/05/21 13:40
Rapido Amtrak E8 4316
Author: Ray_Murphy

I received a special newsletter from Rapido today saying that they have revised the plans for production of Amtrak E8 4316 (Amtrak's first repainted unit). Originally only 500 units were to be made; and these sold out in 48 hours (before practically anyone knew they were available, including interested Amtrak employees and retirees). The new order deadline is January 15th.


Date: 01/05/21 14:47
Re: Rapido Amtrak E8 4316
Author: SPDRGWfan

Someone else posted also on another forum:Rapido has just sent out an email. Given the quick sell out of an item that was meant to be available for over a month, and more importantly given that it sold out both before many dealers were even aware of it being available (and hence were unable to place an order), as well as many Amtrak employees/retirees being unable to order one, Amtrak and Rapido have chosen to lift the 500 unit limit. Instead Rapido/Amtrak will make as many units as have been ordered by end of day January 15th 2021. Anyone who is upset that it is no longer a limited edition of 500 can cancel their order with no penalty. Order either through your dealer or direct from Rapido

Date: 01/05/21 16:40
Re: Rapido Amtrak E8 4316
Author: tomstp

Nice to see a company taking care of its customers.

Date: 01/05/21 17:53
Re: Rapido Amtrak E8 4316
Author: sp8234

Good thing Amtrak wont sell! (lol) 
Waiting for my Horizon cars from them. 


Date: 01/05/21 18:56
Re: Rapido Amtrak E8 4316
Author: atsf121

I’m surprised they started out so low. I’ll be curious to see what the final numbers are. I would have thought 2,000 units would have been a more reasonable number, 500 seemed way too few to begin with.


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Date: 01/05/21 22:06
Re: Rapido Amtrak E8 4316
Author: DevalDragon

I'm glad to see them increase the number produced to meet demand. You don't see that much - but it's appreciated!

Date: 01/06/21 08:12
Re: Rapido Amtrak E8 4316
Author: wabash2800

Well, if this brings the appreciation value down for collectors and makes more modelers happy, so be it.

Victor A. Baird


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