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Date: 02/17/21 16:51
Curved turnouts?
Author: TEEKAY

Hi all - 

Looking for a Code 83 right hand turnout, ideally 24" inside and 28-30" outside....of COURSE they're all sold out and all that's left is 22" inside 30" outside....

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for how to combat this?

Date: 02/17/21 18:33
Re: Curved turnouts?
Author: bigmc83

Are you looking for a particular brand?  The radii you show suggest a #7 curved switch.  I've had good luck with Hiawatha Hobbies in WI when it comes to track, they look to have some in stock from Peco.  Prices are competitive as well.




Date: 02/17/21 20:23
Re: Curved turnouts?
Author: SPDRGWfan

The old line if Walthers made by Shinohara are long discontinued but there are some on eBay right now.

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Date: 02/18/21 07:24
Re: Curved turnouts?
Author: BAB

Those old switches work great to this day and very well with dcc just have to cut feeders in and gap the track right same basic thing as ME switches.

Date: 02/18/21 08:45
Re: Curved turnouts?
Author: railstiesballast

I have had to adjust the radii of curved turnouts slightly, so if you can buy something close, try this:
Cut the connecting plastic runners beneath the rails on the side where they need to spread apart (e.g. for a broader radius, cut under the inside rails).
Leave the runner intact under the one remaining rail.
Preferably using a curve template, bend the rails to the new radii and spike it down.
Roll various combinations of long and short cars through to test the geometry.

Date: 02/18/21 08:47
Re: Curved turnouts?
Author: SPDRGWfan

The latter day Walthers/Shinohara turnouts were factory retooled to be DCC friendly.  You can tell which are because the points no longer have the solid metal tie-bar between them, so they are isolated electronically.

I wanted a couple code 83 #8 curved Walthers turnouts so I hunted them down while you could still find them on eBay for 30 something dollars.  The #8 are now harder to find and going for much higher prices, even the older DC versions.  But the #6 and #7 Walthers curved seem to be more available on the auction site.  A selection are currently available.



Date: 02/18/21 17:47
Re: Curved turnouts?
Author: RuleG

Try Trainworld.com.  Plug in ""turnout" into the search function

Date: 02/19/21 12:17
Re: Curved turnouts?
Author: inyosub

If you are OK with Peco let me know or drop a PM and I'll suggest a dealer I know that may have some.
I would send you it via a PM . Looks like you may have already found some. I want to get my hands on
an Atlas one. But just to check one out. I heard from a dealer those should be back in stock late March

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