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Date: 06/14/21 05:43
Athearn Teaser?
Author: tunnelmotor

I read through my July Railroad Model Craftsman last night and stopped when I saw the Horizon/Athearn advertisement on page 15. The ad depicts three locos, all Dash-9s but one is NS #8777 a C40-9 with "standard" cab. Have I missed something or is this yet to be announced?

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Date: 06/14/21 10:41
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: nssd70

They are due July 2021.

Doug Lambert

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Date: 06/14/21 10:59
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: mcdeo


They also do FB events every Tuesday and last Friday of the month videos of the new stuff announced. 

Mike ONeill
Parker, CO

Date: 06/15/21 02:08
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: tunnelmotor

Well I did indeed miss that one in the July 2020 announcements. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Date: 06/15/21 09:58
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: wingomann

The ultamate Athearn teaser I saw was a few weeks ago on their Tuesday Facebook Live program.  One of their guys was announcing a new Genesis locomotive and said "Our new locomotive is aaaa SD9.......dy.  For those of us hoping for a Genesis version of the SP SD9's our hearts skipped a beat.  The pause after saying SD9 was clearly intentional so it gives me hope that they know of the desire for SD9's and hopefully have them somewhere in their plans.

The SD90's look good but are out of the era I want to model.

Date: 06/15/21 19:14
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: 5spot

Copy the era. I'm 60 and looking for 2nd Gen to 1st Gen. I believe there is a market of harmony from that transition!


Date: 06/16/21 07:38
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: SPDRGWfan

A Genesis SD9 would be nice, but heck, I just replaced my old LL Proto 2000 SD9's with the Walthers recent versoin which seemed pretty decent.  That old upgrade merry-go-round however....  What I'd rather see is a high fidelity GP30 to replace the old generic LL P2k version.

Date: 06/16/21 10:02
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: wingomann

I got the Walthers SP SD9E.  I like it a lot but was only able to get one.  I would like to get more but for some reason Walthers doesn't seem to be too excited in making more numbers.  Kind of weird considering that the SD9E's seemed to be sold out before they even hit the store shelves.  I had one ordered through my LHS and at the last minute they said it was not delivered and refunded my money.  I was lucky to scramble and find one on-line.
I do have a couple of nit picks.  The SP on the nose is too narrow and it shouldn't have a full light cluster on the back.  But those issues wouldn't prevent me from buying another unit if the opportunity arose.

Date: 06/16/21 12:05
Re: Athearn Teaser?
Author: ChrisCampi

I'll take a Genesis SD9 any day. Sombewgat let down by the Walthers offering. Poor lighting on SP version and inferior decoder for example ( not the V5).

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