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Date: 10/06/21 16:26
Who is RAILCO Inc.?
Author: RRBMail

Atlas just announced a new run of Alco HH-600 diesel switchers. One is lettered for RAILCO Inc. However, I can't find anything about them on the net. Does anyone know who they are? Thanks!

Date: 10/06/21 16:50
Re: Who is RAILCO Inc.?
Author: nssd70

Relco had Alcos.


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Date: 10/06/21 17:01
Re: Who is RAILCO Inc.?
Author: TCnR

Cute lil' bugger. Found it in Longview Washington at the big grain silo.


Date: 10/06/21 17:56
Re: Who is RAILCO Inc.?
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Odd that the indecorated units are $10 more than the painted/lettered models

Date: 10/06/21 18:34
Re: Who is RAILCO Inc.?
Author: CPR_4000

770 is ex-Northern Pacific/Walla Walla Valley.

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Date: 10/06/21 20:13
Re: Who is RAILCO Inc.?
Author: TCnR

Yep, it appear's it's still in the Longview area under private ownership. There has been talk about moving to the Museum in Snoqualmie but it sounds like it didn't happen.

NP 125–126 to Walla Walla Valley Railway 770, 775;

Date: 10/07/21 11:11
Re: Who is RAILCO Inc.?
Author: funnelfan

Painted blue and it has been hiding out in an old elevator shed for years at Longview, WA.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

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