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Date: 10/11/21 19:41
Passenger Car Name Decals
Author: sierrawestern

Years ago Champ Decals offered various "words" or names one could use to create custom names for passenger cars without going to the trouble of using individual letters from alphabet sets.  I remember needing the word "Ashley" and combined "ash" from some word and "ley" from valley.  I use Microscale decals now but have never seen these "word" sets.  Other than buying Pullman passenger car sets and hoping to get the wording needed I am at a loss.  Does anyone make what Champ used to make, without going the custom decal route?
Patrick G.

Date: 10/11/21 21:59
Re: Passenger Car Name Decals
Author: ts1457

The Microscale Pullman sets have a pretty good selection of names. Surely you could piece together what you need without too many splices.

Date: 10/12/21 03:08
Re: Passenger Car Name Decals
Author: BNModeler

Walthers also has name on their passenger car decal sheets.
Need some?

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