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Date: 01/06/22 09:44
car number help round 3, MP specific
Author: jdiamond76

Hello everyone

I have a MP train list from 8/9/1966 and am hoping someone can tell me wich number series the following boxcars are from and if they are 40 or 50ft, single or double door. Train itself only 36 cars and am wanting to recreate it in ho scale as accurately as possibe for my layout wich
i can run a 35 to 45 car train on. I have the Morning Sun color guide but have not been able to id these specific cars from it. So, numbers are...MP 86298 empty box, TP 3606 df box load of canned goods, MP 78015 empty df box, MP 35646  box load of spikes. Also trying to id a couple of TP covered hoppers, numbers TP 719194 and 719197, both empty. Thanks if anyone can help. Train is number 76 eastbound out of Pueblo.



Date: 01/07/22 20:39
Re: car number help round 3, MP specific
Author: kenN

Hi John,
   This information came from the two Official Railway Equipment Registers I have in my collection, dated July, 1959, and April, 1971.  There was one car I couldn't find, MP 78015, which means it was off the roster before July, 1959, or built (or purchased) after 1959 and off the roster already by April, 1971.  Here is what I found:

MP 86298  50-ft Box car, 4 staggered doors, 15"1" door opening, 100,000 lbs capacity
TP 3606     50-ft box car, 2 doors, 8' door, 140,000 lbs capacity
MP 35646  40-ft box car, 2 doors, 8' door, 100,000 lbs capacity
TP 719194, 719197, 50-ft Center Flow Covered Hopper, 200,000 lbs capacity.

Hope this helps,
Ken Nagel
Grand Rapids MI

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